Posted October 11th, 2014


Below are some very serious new policies, rules if you will, from Richard Every, USA Rugby High Performance Referee Manager . . . make sure you read all of the following, and every Referee can start ‘pinging’ any Club for not following the new policies:




Subject:  Spirit of the Laws and the Sidelines





All:  We need to take a step forward, as we grow the game in the USA, to ensure that we stand together and work together and are respectful to each other. 






Subject: Spirit of the Laws and the Sidelines







The Law book states:








"Rugby owes much of its appeal to the fact that it is played both to the letter and within the Spirit of the Laws. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual - it involves Coaches, Captains, Players, and Referees.








It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the 'Spirit of the Game' flourishes and, in the context of a Game as physically challenging as Rugby, these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play so essential to the Game’s ongoing success and survival.”







We are all passionate about the game and at times we are emotional, but we have a responsibility to the game and each other to be respectful and control our behavior.







Regarding verbally abusive behavior from Coaches, Club/Team staff, or Club/Team substitutes towards the match officials and/or to their players or opposition players, USA Rugby Referees will, with immediate effect, be applying the following:









The Referee will ask the identified person to refrain from this behavior ONCE;









On the second occasion the Referee will EJECT the person from the grounds;









ZERO tolerance approach will be applied.







If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Referee Department.








NOTE: Club and/or Team coaches have an avenue to communicate with the USA Rugby Referee Department, confidentially, by completing this form:  USA Rugby Referees - 2014






Richard Every

USA Rugby High Performance Referee Manager |  E-mail:  Richard Every  |  Phone:  773-895-6013

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